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Community Involvement

A Team That Cares

We’ve Adopted a Highway!

We’re not your average orthodontists, and 3201 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, FL isn’t just our address – it’s our home. Beyond a mere geographical pointer; the orange building on Dixie is a reflection of our commitment and devotion that we take pride in, which is why we make sure that we take care of our stretch of highway by rolling up our sleeves and cleaning the area as thoroughly as possible every quarter. We treat S. Dixie Highway like we would treat our own homes, so we invite you to help us by keeping the garbage where it belongs – in the trash!

Adopt-a-Class Program!

Attention Palm Beach County Students and Teachers: We are also very proud to be a part of the Adopt-a-Class programs at many area schools in West Palm Beach and its surrounding communities. The time and money that we donate enhances the education that is available right here in our community because we know that educating our children is important for our future and theirs. Ask us how you can be a part of this great cause as well!

Dental Health Month

Our orthodontists are available to speak to classes in and around West Palm Beach about the benefits of good oral hygiene and dental care. Lectures are usually in February, but arrangements can be made to have us come to your school anytime during the school year. We also have classes that take field trips to visit our orthodontic office in person. Please feel free to call 561.655.6308 to make arrangements.

Surfing Equipment Repairs

Surfing Florida Museum (SFM)

Dr. Scott has been surfing since he was about 3 years old so naturally, you would expect him to be on the Board of The Surfing Florida Museum. One of our favorite fun facts about the practice is that both Dr. Scott and his father (our founder) Dr. Chum were inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame. When you visit our office you'll notice the whole story on display in our reception area!

Committed to preserving and promoting local surfing culture like his father before him, Dr. Scott helps ensure the community thrives. The museum, with a collection that began in 2008, has traveled across Palm Beach County, showcasing over 15 exhibitions, with the next planned for the Elliott Museum this year. Discover more at

YMCA of The Palm Beaches!

Dr. Scott, a YMCA Board member since 1998 and advocate for fitness and health, encourages exploring the YMCA's diverse programs and facilities in Palm Beach Gardens and Lake Worth, including Wellness Centers, an Aquatic Center, and the Fountains Country Club Recreation Center. Beyond his passion for the YMCA Skatepark, reflecting his achievements in surfing and skateboarding, Dr. Scott actively supports YMCA charity events and volunteers, especially during the holidays.

Please check out the YMCA of The Palm Beaches main campus on Congress Ave. just south of Forest Hill and see what it can offer you and your family. We encourage you to also visit their website to learn more about their programs and facilities:

Our Friend the Tooth Fairy!

Our orthodontic team boasts a special friendship with the Tooth Fairy, delighting in bringing her along to local schools, especially during National Dental Health Month in February. Together with our orthodontists, the Tooth Fairy helps impart the critical lesson of dental hygiene to children, emphasizing the importance of maintaining clean, healthy teeth to avoid the disappointment of decayed teeth under their pillows. Remember, cavities don't earn rewards!

Should you spot her fluttering about our office, feel free to greet her; she's known for her surprise visits. And who knows? With a bit of persuasion, she just might make a magical appearance at your child's school, creating an unforgettable experience that will have them buzzing with excitement.

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