Why Choose Us

We are a unique office!

There are quite a few reasons why so many families in the Palm Beaches and surrounding cities in South Florida come to McCranels Orthodontics. Our warm and caring, yet fun environment is a unique experience unlike any other in our area. At McCranels Orthodontics, we strive to provide only the best orthodontist experience possible to our patients. Once you step through those doors, you are greeted with caring smiles and treated like family.

Some more of the reasons why we believe you should come visit us for all your orthodontic needs, including braces and invisalign are listed below.

You are seen on time.

  • Because we know your time is valuable
  • Evening and lunch appointments are available
  • A welcoming and caring front office staff that helps streamline your orthodontic visit

You see the same orthodontist each visit.

  • Your doctor knows what was done at your last visit and what you need next
  • Dental questions answered at the end of an appointment

You get advanced, safer technology

  • At McCranels Orthodontics we use the latest, safest, and most advanced imaging system to evaluate the dentition and surrounding hard tissues
  • Our new innovative digital ultra lowdose x-ray technology is light years better than the ones used by the previous generation

You get a top INVISALIGN Provider

Practice makes perfect. McCranels Orthodontics is a leader in providing INVISALIGN treatment to families in the Palm Beaches. Experience allows our patients to get better and more predictable results when using INVISALIGN as the treatment of choice.

You receive personal attention from the orthodontist.

  • We don’t deliver your care in assembly line fashion
  • We take enormous pride in the relationships we build with our patients and families
  • Customized treatment plan for your specific dental needs
  • Your orthodontic visit will be as enjoyable and relaxing as possible

We don’t take shortcuts when planning your treatment.

  • We advise complete diagnostic records (x-rays, photos and impressions of the teeth)
  • Whether you are a child, teen or adult in need of orthodontic treatment, we take great care in every aspect of your procedures

We offer a choice of payment options.

  • As low as $199/month No down payment/low monthly payment option. (Care Credit Financing)
  • No interest plan/with Down Payment
  • 5% Bookkeeping Discount for payment in full
  • We also accept major credit cards to make payments convenient

You receive top quality orthodontic care in a stable practice.

  • McCranels Orthodontics is a family run orthodontic practice located in the Palm Beaches for 50 years
  • Treatments lead to positive life-changing results for children and adults

If you would like to learn more about McCranels Orthodontics, please contact us at your convenience. Our friendly orthodontic professionals are eager to help you on your way to a beautiful smile!  Call us today at 561-655-6308.

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